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Example Of Application For Club400 Alliance

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1Example Of Application For Club400 Alliance Empty Example Of Application For Club400 Alliance on Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:53 am


Ally Master
Character: ASM (Agility SM)
Level: 600
Equipment: Exc Sphinx Set+13+DSR+DD (+JOH+DD7%) / Small Shield+9+DSR+DD (+JOH+DD3%)/ Rings+DSR+DD+HP+3%HP RECOVERY /
Wings 3rd+9+4% HP RECOVERY.
SM SB%/ EBK Energy ETC: Any main trait for your support character that is helpful for us to make decisions based on your build.
Screenshot: Example Of Application For Club400 Alliance Exampl10
Other Characters: Rage Fighter (lRFl level 520+)
Languages: English Only
A Bit About Yourself: Hi, my name is Michael. I have played mu for over 8+ years. -HERETIC- is my main character but I also have a Rage Fighter lvl 520+. I live in australia.


-HERETIC- Agility SM LVL600
lRFl Vitality Rage Fighter LVL 600
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