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How To Apply For A Forum Account

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1How To Apply For A Forum Account Empty How To Apply For A Forum Account on Sat Aug 27, 2011 3:22 am


Ally Master
Hi all,

Once you have sucessfully joined the ally, please send a mail in game to MaryJeane from the character which has just been guilded.

In this mail, include following info :
1) Which guild you joined.
2) Which account name you used to register on forum (should be the same as your character in game)
3) Which email address you used to register on forum.

We must also follow one important process which is to confirm that you are really in our guild (we confirm by talking to you in ally/guild chat or talk with someone from your guild).

Once we receive the mail in-game, we will work hard to get your account activated quickly, hopefully no one will be waiting for more than a day!


* Note : Please register using your guilded characters name for easy identification. If you used a different name, let us know in-game and we can change the username to your characters name.


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